Terms and Conditions

We are Mayon Rent a Car, inc. We are a registered corporation in the Philippines under number CS201970193. Our registered office is at 162 Brgy 17 Rizal St, Legazpi City, Philippines. In accordance with these Self Drive Terms and Conditions (‘SDT&Cs’) we will have the following obligation: 
● to rent a Vehicle (either a car or a van which will be the same as or similar to the vehicle that you specify in your booking) and items added to the Vehicle by us, such as child seats and GPS) to you (being the person named in the Rental Agreement (as defined below) and the person who signs it) for the period of time that is specified in the Rental Agreement).

The relationship between you and Mayon Rent a Car, Inc. is governed by these SDT&Cs together with the following documents which, once you have signed the Rental Agreement, will form a legally binding contract between us and will govern your use of the Vehicle during the hire period:
i. the Rental Agreement including its specific conditions which is the document you sign at the time of check-out or the first day of rental; 


These SDT&Cs will apply to: 
1.1. you because you are the person who is paying for the rental and any associated costs and you may also be a driver; 
1.2. any other driver who is expressly named on the Rental Agreement and who is therefore authorised to drive the Vehicle;
2.1. Who can rent? 
Any person who: 
2.1.1. is legally capable of entering into a legally binding contract and is prepared to accept responsibility for the vehicle throughout the hire Period; and 
2.1.2. has the means to pay for the hire of the vehicle and any associated costs that will be accepted by us; and 2.1.3. provides valid identification documents so that we can verify their identity and approve them for rental. 
2.2. Verifying and approving your identity for rental: 
2.2.1. Before we can let you hire a Vehicle from us, in addition to providing photographic ID (ie., driving licence or passport), we may ask to see proof of return flights or alternative return travel arrangements and contact details within Bicol. If you can’t provide such documents when we ask you for them we won’t be able to hire a vehicle to you. 
2.3. Who can drive the Vehicle? (the “Driver”) 
The Driver of a Vehicle will be any person who is deemed by us to be authorized to drive the Vehicle because they comply with all of the following requirements: 
2.3.1. they are expressly mentioned and fully identified on the Rental Agreement as either the hirer or an additional driver or a Referred Driver; 
2.3.2. they have provided a valid driving license and a valid identification document according to the requirements of section 2.2 above; and 
2.3.3. they hold a full and valid driving license 
2.4. Who cannot drive the Vehicle? (an ‘unauthorized driver’)
2.4.1. Any person that is not expressly mentioned or identified on the Rental Agreement as a Driver (see section 2.3 above); and 
2.4.2. Any person who cannot provide valid identification documents as indicated in sections 2.1.3 and 2.2 and 2.3 above. 
2.4.3. An unauthorized driver will not be covered by any of the insurance. Only third party liability insurance (compulsory protection) will apply. 
2.4.4. If you allow an unauthorized driver to drive the Vehicle then you are considered to be in breach of the Contract and you will be responsible for any consequences that may arise as a result. This will include compensating us for any damage caused by you and/or the unauthorized driver. 

You must not take our Vehicle (nor permit the Vehicle to be taken) outside the Bicol region without obtaining our prior written consent and paying for it accordingly. If you have driven the car outside Bicol then you are considered to be in breach of the Contract and you will be asked to pay the fee of P5000 to cover for the extra unexpected mileage and whatever cost ordered by local authorities for travelling outside Bicol without permits.
When renting a Vehicle from us both you and/or any Driver or Referred Driver (each of whom, for the purposes of this section, will be included in the term ‘you’) must comply with the following obligations: 
4.1. Return the Vehicle and its keys, accessories and documentation to us: 
4.1.1. at the return place identified in the Rental Agreement; 
4.1.2. by the expiry time and on the date specified on the Rental Agreement, noting that we allow you a grace period of 29 minutes after the expiry time and date (please see sections 5.12 and 11.1.5 below); and 
4.1.3. in the condition that we provided them to you at the start of the Hire Period, subject to any fair wear and tear. 4.1.4 with the same level of fuel as you have received it.. 
If you do not return the Vehicle as stipulated in this section 5.1 then we will take all necessary measures outlined in these SDT&Cs and, in particular, in its section 11(What will happen when I return the Vehicle?). 
4.2. Drive the Vehicle in accordance with all applicable road traffic laws and regulations and ensure that you are familiar with all relevant local laws and driving regulations. 
4.3. Ensure that any luggage or goods transported in the Vehicle are secured to the extent they will not cause damage to the Vehicle or cause risk to any passengers or to any third party or to any third party property. 
4.4. Treat the Vehicle with due care and respect and make sure that it is always locked and protected by its anti- theft devices when it is parked or left unattended. 
4.5. Never drive the Vehicle whilst you are under the influence of alcohol, hallucinatory drugs,narcotics, barbiturates, other illegal drugs or any other substance (whether legal or illegal) that is liable to impair your driving ability. 
4.6. Not smoke in the Vehicle nor allow anybody else to do so. 
4.7. Refill the Vehicle with the correct type of fuel. If unsuitable fuel is added then you will be responsible for all reasonable expenses incurred by us in the repair of any damage that may be caused to the Vehicle which will be calculated in accordance with the rules described in section 12 (Damage to the Vehicle) below.
❏ Technical assistance to the Vehicle for breakdown recovery due to mechanical faults (not driver error or abuse) see further details under sections 8.3 and 14.1 below) 
❏ The initial cleaning of the Vehicle 
❏ Third party liability insurance 
❏ Unlimited Mileage

The information you provide to us at the time of booking (such as the duration of the Hire Period or your age or any Driver or Referred Driver’s age) will determine the price you pay. Any change to that information could therefore also mean that the price changes. The price of your rental will be those prices in force at the time of booking or at the time you make any changes to that booking. 
The price you will pay comprises the following items: 
6.1. The daily rental charge for the Vehicle for the agreed number of calendar days 
6.2. The benefit of around the clock breakdown service or the Vehicle for the duration of the Hire Period 6.3. Comprehensive insurance coverage for the car for damages beyond P20,000 and above 

When you pick up the Vehicle from us you will be asked to sign a section on the Rental Agreement that describes the Vehicle’s condition at that particular time. Before you sign the Rental Agreement you should; 
7.1. inspect the Vehicle and any Accessories for any pre- existing damage; and 
7.2 check the level of Vehicle’s fuel tank. 
7.3. If you notice any apparent defect or damage that is not described on the Rental Agreement then you should ensure a note is made on the Rental Agreement and that we both sign the change to it. 
7.4 Where it isn’t possible to check pre-existing damage to the Vehicle and any Accessories at the time of pick-up you must notify any such damage to us within 24 hours of the start of the Hire Period. Notification of such damage should be made by phoning 09163895231. 
7.5. If you don’t notify us of any pre-existing defect or damage then we will assume that you have accepted the Vehicle and any Accessories in the condition set out on the Rental Agreement and we will charge you for any new damage that is discovered when the Vehicle and any Accessories are inspected by both parties when you return the Vehicle. 

You should return the Vehicle on the date and at the time shown on the Rental Agreement. 
8.1. Personal Property 
We are not responsible for any loss of, or damage to, any personal belongings placed in or on the Vehicle which will at all times be your responsibility. You must not leave any personal belongings in or on the Vehicle when you return it to us (you are responsible for checking and removing your personal belongings from the Vehicle). Any personal belongings left in or on the Vehicle which remain unclaimed 2 months after the end of the Hire Period will be disposed of. 
8.2. Early Return 
If you return the Vehicle before the return date and time stated on the Rental Agreement then we agree that the Hire Period will end when you return the Vehicle to our agent. Please note, however, that the rental charges will remain the same (ie., as if you had not returned the Vehicle to us before the return date and time stated on the Rental Agreement) as we will not refund any unused daily rental or accessory charges to you. 
8.3 Late Return 
We allow you a grace period of 29 minutes after the expiry time and date of the Hire Period shown on the Rental Agreement in which to return the Vehicle to us. If you fail to do so, and you have not extended the Hire Period in accordance with section 17 below of these SDT&Cs, then if we do not hear from you for a period of 24 hours concerning the delay in its return we will regard the Vehicle as having been stolen and will report this to the police. 

As set out in section 4, (What are my obligations toward the Vehicle?), you are obliged to return your Vehicle and its keys, Accessories, or documentation to us in the same condition as they were at check out, subject to any fair wear and tear.
Our vehicles are working assets and, if you fail in any way to comply with the obligations, we are entitled to repair the Vehicle at our convenience so that it is restored to this condition; and 
You will be liable to pay the damage charges of the cost of repair is lower than P20,000. By liabilities more than P20,000 you can reduce your liability by securing a police/incident report regardless of whether the damage was caused by you or a third party (including a third party with whom you have had an accident. 

Damage to Third Parties 
You will be responsible for the cost of any damage you cause to another party, their property, the vehicle they are in and any and all uninsured losses that are otherwise incurred during the Hire Pers. 

Seizure of the Vehicle 

If, after check-out of the Vehicle, the Vehicle and/ or its keys, Accessories, or documentation is seized by any Government, authority or organisation, you must pay for any damage suffered by the Vehicle and/or its keys, Accessories, or documentation; and the cost of any restoration or repatriation charges we incur together with any penalties or fines arising as a direct result of the Vehicle’s seizure; and a Loss of Use Charge to compensate us while we cannot rent the Vehicle out to another customer (which will be calculated on the basis of the daily rental rate set out in the Rental Agreement for each day (or part of a day) in excess of the Hire Period and until the Vehicle is checked in by us as returned) unless these damages or costs or Loss of Use Charges are due to our fault or negligence or our breach of this Contract. 

If a warning light appears on the dashboard or the Vehicle develops any fault during the Hire Period you or any other Driver must call the agent who release the car to you. 
10.1. If the Vehicle breaks down or is involved in an accident/incident during the Hire Period we will, as soon as possible, recover and repair the Vehicle so that it is rendered functional. 
10.2. If the Vehicle cannot be repaired we will (where possible) provide you with an alternative Vehicle of an equivalent standard and size to the Vehicle for the remainder of the Hire Period. 
10.3. If we cannot repair the Vehicle or provide you with an alternative vehicle we will provide you with a refund for any part of the Rental Period that you have paid for but not received the benefit of. 
10.4. If, and only if, the breakdown or accident or incident is due to our negligence or wilful default then we will not charge you for the recovery and/or repair (if any). 
10.5. Should we consider that the breakdown is caused by the negligence or deliberate misuse or if loss of or damage to the Vehicle arises as a result of a breach of the Contract by you and/or any Referred Driver or additional Driver and/or any unauthorised driver then you will be liable to pay the sum and the responsibility will be with you. 

You will receive a final invoice once all elements of your rental have been settled. You will pay or be charged the full amount in one or in several lots as agreed between us. 
11.1. If you book a Vehicle online: 
15.1.1. You may decide to prepay for your booking, for example, the daily rental charge of the Vehicle and Accessories for the Hire Period and for any additional services or products. Your means of payment will be debited by the agreed amount but you will not receive an invoice for that prepayment as the confirmation email will be deemed the receipt for this. Once you have returned the Vehicle to us then we will establish whether any additional fees or charges apply and will supply an invoice to show the full charge for the Hire Period. This invoice will be sent to you via email. 
15.1.2. If you decide not to prepay for your booking, you will be charged at the time you pickup your Vehicle for the amount of the rental charges for the Vehicle. The cost for this will be shown on the Rental Agreement and will be agreed with you before you sign the document.

12.1. You can modify your booking free of charge provided you let us know at least 48 hours before the Hire Period is to start. Please be aware that new rental prices, delivery or collection times may apply and other aspects of your rental may change if you modify your booking. Wherever possible you should use the same communication channel that you used when booking the 
Vehicle, alternatively, you can call our 09163895231. We will let you know if the modification to your booking is possible. If it is possible, we will tell you about any changes to the rental which would be necessary as a result of your requested modification and ask you to confirm whether you wish to go ahead with the modification to your booking.d. 
Cancellation & No Show 
12.1. Prepaid Rentals. If you have prepaid your booking online via our direct booking channels, you can cancel your rental free of charge provided that you have given us at least 48 hours’ notice before the Hire Period is due to start. Wherever possible you should use the same communication channel to cancel your rental as you used when booking the Vehicle, alternatively, you can contact 09163895231 to cancel the rental. 
12.2. If you cancel giving us less than 48 hours’ notice, the prepaid amount will be refunded less a Cancellation Charge of P1000. 
12.3. If you have not cancelled your reservation and fail to pick up the Vehicle then your prepayment will be refunded less the No Show Charge at the rate shown in the Tariff Guide. 
12.4. If we cancel or fail to cancel the booking you will be fully reimbursed for any sums that you have paid to us for the booking. 
12.2. Pay on arrival rentals 
12.2.1. If you have not prepaid for your rental then you may modify or cancel your rental free of charge up to the time of pick up. 
12.2.2. If you lodge your credit or debit card details with us we will guarantee your Vehicle until close of business on the day your rental is due to start. However, if you guaranteed your reservation and you either don’t pick up the Vehicle on the day or don’t give us two or more hours’ notice to cancel before the rental start time then you agree that we may charge the No Show Charge of P1000 against that credit or debit card to reflect the fact that we held the Vehicle for you without any rental transaction ultimately taking place. 

In case you want to extend the Hire Period shown on your Rental Agreement you must contact us at least 2 working hours before the end of the Hire Period or any previously agreed extension. All extensions will be subjected to availability. 
You are expected to return the vehicle with the same level of gas as you have received it. In case you forgot to fill up the tank, you will be asked to pay P200 per bar consumed. 

To maintain and protect the Vehicle we may use electronic devices to monitor the condition, performance and operation of a Vehicle and/ or to track a Vehicle’s movements including alerting us when Vehicles cross the border of the Bicol Region. This information may be used both during and after termination of the Hire Period. 
By accepting these SDT&Cs you expressly acknowledge having granted your explicit consent to the use of such electronic devices. 

We do not allow any animals to be transported in our Vehicles. 

16. Mandatory Third Party Liability Insurance
We are required by the laws to insure our Vehicles against liability for the claims or actions of Third Parties. Third Party Liability insurance is therefore automatically included as part of our vehicle hire services and you will be covered for the consequences others may suffer as a direct result of your actions whilst you are driving the Vehicle up to the level legally required. 
16.1. What am I covered for ? 
You will be insured against liability for the following damage that you cause when you are using the Vehicle: ● bodily injury or death suffered by Third Parties; and 
● property damage sustained by Third Parties and losses and costs arising as a consequence of the damage. 
16.2. What is excluded from the cover ? 
Third Party Liability insurance does not cover: 
● bodily injury or death that you (the driver at the time of the collision) may suffer; or 
● any damage to or loss of your personal property or possessions; or 
● any damage caused to the Vehicle 
16.3. What is the amount of my financial exposure for Third Party Liability ? 
You will be covered for the sums owed as a consequence of any Third Party Liability arising as the result of a collision that you may cause provided you have not committed a breach of any applicable laws (including any relevant road traffic regulations) or the Local Rental terms and conditions. 
However, if you didn’t comply with those laws and/ or regulations and/or the applicable terms and conditions then, whilst our insurer will still fulfil its obligations to Third Parties under the Third Party Liability insurance policy, it may seek to recover from you some or all of the costs it may have paid to that Third Party as a result of the incident.