Why Self Drive Car Rental Is The Most Affordable, Convenient and Super Fun Way To Discover Legazpi City and Neighboring Cities

Posted by on October 13, 2018 at 12:00 AM


In the past, when we dream about discovering a specific place, the first thing to do is look for tour packages. Local tour packages are there because we have no local knowledge, and with that zero knowledge comes a (usually hefty) price to pay.

In this generation where all information is at the tip of our fingers, available at a lightning speed, a new breed of travelers has been born or made. Maybe you are one of them. This support from technology coupled with the adventurous spirit of the millennials - a new way of travelling has come, one that brings about many options and conveniences.

With a smartphone connected to the internet, an App like Waze in the absence of a real GPS device, a self-driven car, and a YES attitude, infinite fun and enjoyment can be shared among friends, family and business colleagues when they travel together, especially in Bicol.

Albay is one of those places you can definitely cover and see for yourself on your own pace in a very affordable way. Legazpi City is a small charming city with easy driving condition, with attractions not too far from each other, so if you are thinking of driving on your own car with your friends, go ahead, it is a super brilliant way of saving cost on tour packages and the best way to enjoy the place without following a structured schedule.

This is the time to relax, the time to be lazy if you want to and the time when you just want to let go of time expectations. No worries if you forgot something somewhere as you can always go back, no worries if all of a sudden you need to get water at the convenience store, no worries if one of the members of your family feels the urge to pee! :)

At Mayon Rent A Car, we understand the demand of the modern times and of the modern travelers whether it be for leisure and business. We help people in providing a reliable sedan/van so they would be able to maximize their time in Albay, Sorsogon, even Catanduanes and Masbate. The only requirement is driver's license. That's it, you're set.

The rate for self-drive sedan is P2500 for 24 hours exclusive of gas.
The rate for self-drive van is P3500 for 24 hours exclusive of diesel.
If you are 5 in a group, that's like paying P500 for a 24-hr convenience. Make it 2 days and you've only paid P1000. Of course you have to share for the gas expenses, but that is so affordable compared to what you might be paying for a 3D/2N tour package.

You can reach us at +63 916 389 5231 SMS/Viber/Whatsapp/WeChat
or to book your car. You can also chat with us at Facebook. Our FB is Mayon Rent a Car - Sorsogon Naga Misibis Caramoan.

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